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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. What is the difference between EasyScript Express, EasyScript I, EasyScript II and EasyScript III?
A. All courses are self-contained (YOU NEED TO BUY ONLY ONE) and each course will teach you the basics of the method. ES I, II, and III will enable you build your speed up to 40, 80, and 130 wpm, respectively:
  • EasyScript Express is a book to learn the method and you'll build proficiency on your own.
  • EasyScript I contains a 68 page manual/workbook to learn the method and 1 CD to build writing speed up 40 wpm.
  • EasyScript II contains a 128 page manual/workbook to learn the method and 2 CDs to build writing speed up 80 wpm.
  • EasyScript III has and a 128 page manual/workbook to learn the method and 4 CDs to build writing speed up 130 wpm.
How is it possible to learn EasyScript/ComputerScript so quickly when traditional shorthand and speedwriting take months to study?
A. The reason the traditional shorthand and speedwriting have a long learning curve is that they are based on a principle of random abbreviations which have to be memorized for your entire vocabulary . The EasyScript/ComputerScript (ES/CS) concept does not require you to memorize random abbreviations and thus drastically reduces the learning time. It's based on a revolutionary invention acknowledged by U.S. Patent Office (#4,760,528) and allows you to abbreviate any word using 5 basic rules.
Q. What is the feedback from individuals and companies who purchased audio programs or attended seminars?
A. Half-day seminars have been held in 50 U.S. cities with attendance up to 170 people per site. 90% of participants in their evaluations stated that ES/CS is by a wide margin a better system than anything else they are aware of, and they have recommended it to others. In addition, the following Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and schools have included ES/CS in their curriculum: General Accounting Office (GAO), Affinity Health Plan, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, Harvard University, John Hancock Insurance Company, Bell Atlantic, Texaco Inc., Prudential Insurance, The Fleet Bank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, MBNA, Metropolitan Insurance Company, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Bridgewater State College, U.S. Postal Service, Connecticut Mutual Life, U.S. Navy, and others.
Q. What is EasyScript?
A. EasySript is a method of speed writing words by substituting them with abbreviations using pen and paper.
Q. What is ComputerScript?
A. ComputerScript is a software system that allows you to type words in abbreviated form and provides automatic transcription. It's included in ES/CS I, ES/CS II, and ES/CS III courses. EasyScript and ComputerScript use identical rules.
Q. Do I need to purchase EasyScript and ComputerScript?
A. No. ES and CS can be used either separately or at the user's option together. For example, you can take your notes on paper and enter them into a computer and they will be transcribed automatically. Also, you can enter your notes directly into a computer and eliminate manual writing.
Q. What is the ES notepad and reference card?
A. ES reference is a plastic wallet-size card which contains 5 abbreviating rules on one side and the basic symbols on the other side. It can be used for practicing and during note-taking sessions. ES notepad is specifically designed for taking fast notes with EasyScript. The basic symbols are located on the top of each page.
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