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Teachers and Trainers Wanted

We are looking for qualified teachers to offer LanguageScript in schools, colleges and universities to full and part-time students or through Adult and Community education programs at night.

Particularly, we are seeking individuals who are presently teaching the Language Arts at K-8 grade level.

The ultimate purpose of the English Language Arts curriculum is to teach students the language abilities they need to communicate effectively in their school, professional and personal lives. One area for improvement is to increase the writing and typing speed to process language communications.

Language communications such as academic note taking is a critical educational skill and learning to take fast notes enhances comprehension, listening and studying skills. Research demonstrated that students were seven times more likely to recall class material one week after it was presented if the information had been recorded in their notes. Also, it is proven that amount of note-taking is related to academic achievement and progress. 

Humans cannot record spoken information at the speed it is generated. A significant gap between spoken information delivery and writing speed makes a negative impact on number of units of information recorded, attention and concentration span, and comprehension of the class material. To date, rapid advances of technology have not made a significant progress to improve writing and typing speed.

We offer a unique and proven English Grammar-based script language to assist acquiring children and adults this valuable skill for all levels of learning and throughout lifetime.

There are two options to teach EasyScript/ComputerScript at this time.


You can get certified by travelling to Boston, Massachusetts and paying a certification fee. The fee amount depends on a level of the certification.

Here are the advantages to be certified as opposed to teaching independently:

1. If you are officially certified it increases your credibility with potential students.

2. Certification includes training you will receive from the author of the method and it will make you more knowledgeable and experienced. In turn, your students will be more likely to make referrals to your new prospects.

3. You will receive marketing advice how to promote EasyScript/ComputerScript to generate more business.

4. You can purchase EasyScript/ComputerScript materials at discount and participate in our sales affiliate program.

5. You will be notified about news, updates and strategies to improve your teaching practices.

6. You will receive a set of EasyScript/ComputerScript materials for your own training and teaching students.

7. You will be listed with profile on our website and receive the permission to use of EasyScript/ComputerScript name for advertising.


You can teach independently and we suggest that a potential instructor would complete a self-study course. EasyScript III and EasyScript/ComputerScript III programs are designed to train teachers.

For student texts we recommend to use EasyScript Express hardcover or EasyScript I (book and audio CD). You might also consider ES and CS programs that accommodate 1 teacher and 10 students.

For more information on all available programs please click:

To watch EasyScript/ComputerScript demos and download free trial ComputerScript software, please click:

A free copy of EasyScript book is available for your preview click here:

In addition, we are in the planning stages to offer franchises in the United States and worldwide. Purchasing a franchise will provide you with an exclusive distribution rights to a designated territory, a rare opportunity to become a dominant supplier in your local area and own a profitable business.

For more information about franchising click here:

If you have questions and need additional information please contact us.

For single and low quantity EasyScript purchases please visit: Amazon.com. For volume orders, on-site training, ComputerScript software licensing and acquisition please email to
easy.script at easyscript.com

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Teachers & Trainers Wanted
We are seeking qualified individuals to teach EasyScript in schools, colleges and at business sites.
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