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Needham High School, Needham, MA
  • I was delighted with what I learned. I would definitely recommend this course to everybody.
  • The content of this course is well worth learning.
  • A very interesting and practical course ... short, sweet and to the point.
  • I was able to read abbreviations after the first class. Yes, I would recommend this course to others.
  • It was much easier to learn than any other method. I work for very large defense electronics firm and was not informed when the course was offered in our area. I know there are many other people who be happy to be able to learn this system.
  • After studying Gregg shorthand for 2 years and a few other speedwriting methods... This is revolutionary and easy - I have hope - this will work !
  • Excellent note taking course... easy learning.
  • ... ease in understanding.
  • ... the ability to quickly grasp the knowledge of speedwriting.
  • It's really easy with the logic introduced behind it.
  • It didn't take too long to learn. I found this very helpful.
  • I will be able to take notes faster in class.
  • I found this course surprisingly interesting and informative. Learning was easy.
  • ... progress in short time. I recommend to contact Training
  • Judicial Institute. They train judges who must take good & fast notes.
  • Good information... interesting. At present I can take Gregg but would like to try this one.
  • ... the simple formula.
  • ... a new logical idea.
  • ... learned to speed write very fast.
Newton Vocational High School, Newton, MA
  • All rules are most useful and relevant. The PC aspect is really impressive.
  • Speedwriting ... and 5 simple rules !!!
  • The course was easy .. the overall concept is impressive.
  • The whole course was very useful and relevant to my needs.
  • Overall, it was all helpful. I just liked everything.
  • Right after the first class I'm using the system all the time.
Quincy Junior College, Quincy, MA
  • I found this very helpful and learned to write faster.
  • It opened up a whole aspect to speedwriting - efficient and exciting. I am very impressed with this method... time well spent.
  • After more practicing it will come to me.
  • When I signed up I thought this was the real Speedwriting system. I am still happy I signed and how quick it was to pick up. I will use it in my office ... will be good for telephone messages.
  • I am writing quicker now.
  • The increase in speed in a short time is impressive.
  • Organization of basic information into principles and system
  • flexibility that can be easily applied are great.
  • It's so quickly to learn - only 5 basic rules.
  • I've gained more speed in writing.
  • The teacher was the most impressive feature of the course.
  • I've picked it up so fast.
  • I've learned to shorten words using only a few letters and being able to transcribe on my own.
  • It's easy system and the course has practicing of use.
Woburn High School, Woburn, MA
  • I didn't expect it to be so simple. I am very comfortable with this concept and looking forward to implement it at work and my personal note taking.
  • It's very interesting concept. When applied, it will cut writing time in half.
  • Very few rules to apply... very useful.
  • I've never had taken shorthand of any kind... this method was quite easy to learn.
  • I found it very, very useful and proved I can really grasp speedwriting. I would recommend it to any person that needs to take dictation.
  • It's easier than shorthand ... fast transcription.
  • Home work was required which I did not do... but I did learn it.
Brookline High School, Brookline, MA
  • It was easy to learn ... logical. I am glad I found this course. Thanks !
  • It was a great course ! Most definitely the easiest way to write with speed. Computer aided transcription makes it even more valuable.
  • I could do it after the first session.
  • Useful subject matter ...
  • Information will be of great value to me professionally and personally. Time well spent. Thank you.
  • The course was very helpful as a basis where I had some shorthand ... the instructor was wonderful.
  • This was a very good course. It will help me greatly in my workplace.
Wakefield High School, Wakefield, MA
  • H matl sunk in easy... b/wrds d pfixs ar mst ez t lrn.
  • Why was I not using this method years ago ?
  • I expected this course to be more complicated but it was easy and understandable. It's all useful & relevant and easy to make use of it.
  • The most impressive part is that I understand it.
  • As a secretary all of the skills acquired in this course will be useful.
  • It's a great method ! I was skeptical before taking the course... But I did learn a new Speedwriting system in 4 hours... It's a blast !!!
  • The most impressive feature of the course ? The simplicity of the concept.
Bristol Community College, Bristol, RI
  • I can write fast now and understand what I wrote ... the easy way to learn.
  • All was impressive, especially how fast you can pick it up.
  • Fits the way I think.
  • The rules are made plain enough to learn once I get home ... and the little card tells everything.
  • I was able to learn to speed write in 3 hours.
  • I was amazed with the speed at which I learned. I was late for first two hours and sat in only for the last hour - yet was able to read this shorthand.
  • It's impressive how fast a person can learn .
  • Ez o learg ...
  • Fast learning ...
  • It's amazing how much you can learn so much in a short time.
  • I am impressed with the ease in which things fell into place
  • ... the instructor is easy going with a patient attitude.
  • Impressed how the subject was presented ...
  • Time saving factors of the method are very helpful .
  • ... possible speed in taking notes.
  • ... easy to understand.
  • ... interesting approach.
Duxbury High School, Duxbury, MA
  • An impressive system ... the way it can be adapted to individual needs.
  • Very relevant and useful to my needs ... the presentation of the course was great !!!
  • I've gained more knowledge than I expected. It's so simple that could be learned in 4 hours and can be used anywhere.
  • It was nice to be able to find something to replace shorthand.
  • It's so simple that something must be wrong with that.
  • After using Gregg shorthand for 20 years I rather use the EasyScript.
  • ... the fact that the system is designed to be compatible with IBM PC.
  • ... flexibility of usage, good pleasant teacher.
  • I was impressed the various techniques, I think the concept is excellent.
  • I believe it could be successful for 6, 7, 8 graders.
  • ... how simple the system is.
  • ... simplicity of the system.
Assabet Vocational High School
  • I think this is a wonderful invention. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • It's easy to learn. Did not intimidate.
  • I was able to write in this system the same night. I'm a bookkeeper and took this course for fun... very interesting.
  • It's so much easier than shorthand.
  • I've acquired an ability to take notes at a faster speed.
  • I am impressed with ease of comprehension.
  • The whole course is very useful.
  • I really liked the simplicity and limited number of things to memorize.
  • Much easier than shorthand. I took 2 years of shorthand and never used it.
  • ... the easiness and quickness to pick up the skill.
  • The concept is understandable and easy to learn. The system is very impressive and I am eager to get proficient in it.
  • All topics and skills were important and useful. They will be applied and practiced. It's simple and logical use of alphabet and small number of rules to know. Thank you very much. You have given us a very valuable gift.
Foxboro High School, Foxboro, MA
  • I think it can be very useful.
  • ... simple format.
  • ... ease and flexibility.
  • It's a good system and it's helpful.
  • ... use of alphabet as opposed to symbols.
Waltham High School, Waltham, MA
  • I am sure this course will help me in my work. I think I learned much.
  • I know this will help me because so many I have been asked if I can take shorthand or speedwriting.
  • I am impressed with the system's flexibility to each individual user.
  • ... ability to transcribe the speedwriting symbols on the PC.
  • ... I knew how to speed write the first class. I teach at the secondary school and will use it to instruct high students in speedwriting.
Lexington High School, Lexington, MA
  • ... simplicity, minimum of rules.
  • I'm thrilled with EasyScript. After the first class I had a job interview and the manager dictated a letter to me.... it's unbelievable that using the EasyScript I got most of the text right !!!
  • ... learning this in such a short time.
  • ... simplicity of the system and how quickly I could learn and use it.
  • ... enjoyed the course.
  • ..learned to simplify writing. The whole course impressed me.
Arlington High School, Arlington, MA
  • I was impressed at how the computer could translate the abbreviations.
  • Impressed how quickly you can pick up the technique.
  • ... new words learned and speed with which I picked up skills.
  • The fact is that I could do it and learn to build my speed.
  • The technique was easy to pick up.
  • ... easy to learn.
Braintree High School, Braintree, MA
  • All parts of the course were interesting, I will use it at work
  • ... everyone can benefit from it.
  • ... impressed with the speed gained.
  • ... only 5 rules, its simplicity.
  • ... learned new skills so quickly.
  • ... class was good.
  • ... impressed with the simplicity.
  • ... it was easy to learn.
  • The class was great and I really wish to continue to gain better knowledge. I plan to use it more at work.
  • ... enjoyed the course.
  • I found the course informative and interesting, the presentation was really impressive.
Belmont High School, Belmont, MA
  • I learned how to write faster and more efficiently. It will help me in my career.
  • I believe it is very well run course.
  • ... learning and being able to apply right away.
  • ... it is immediately useful.
  • ... impressed how fast you can learn.
  • ... everything was useful and relevant.
  • ... learned to write quickly.
  • ... simplicity of the system - logical concept.
  • ... once I get more familiar with EasyScript my notes will be much more readable.
Newton Vocational School, Newton, MA
  • ... the whole concept is very useful.
  • ... impressed how you can speed up with practice.
  • ... all topics were useful and easy to us.
  • ... impressed with the unique concept.
  • ... the easy and fast way of learning 5 simple rules.
  • ... amount of time it took to learn.
Billerica High School, Billerica, MA
  • ... so easy and fast to learn it.
  • It's a great concept that can be immediately used.
  • Everything was great and it was fun, too.
  • Overall, it's fun learning this new and revolutionary speed writing. Thanks !!!
  • I thought this class was very informative, useful and fun.
Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA
  • ... all of it and the computer program.
  • ... the speed at which it can be learned.
  • ... the computer presentation.
  • ... it's easy and simple to earn.
  • ... ease and speed in learning.
Somerset High School, Somerset, MA
  • ... quickness of learning... its logic.
  • ... writing faster and 60wpm !!!
  • ... simplicity of the system.
  • ... able to understand the method in an easy and fast way.
  • ... small # of rules to learn.
  • ... the simplicity of the course.
  • ... easy to learn.
  • ... all aspects of it.
  • ... all was good.
  • ... the speed in such a short period of time... very good class.
  • ... everything.
  • It's so quickly to learn - only 5 basic rules.
  • I've gained more speed in writing.
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