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Handwriting speed plays an important role in academic success since it?s directly related to the ability to express knowledge about different subjects.

Academic note-taking is a critical educational skill and learning to take fast notes improves comprehension, listening and studying skills. Research has demonstrated that students were seven times more likely to recall class material a week after it was presented if the information had been recorded in their notes. Also, it is proven that the ability to take comprehensive notes is related to academic achievement and progress.

Humans cannot record information at the speed it is generated. A significant discrepancy between the way spoken information is delivered and the speed at which we can write it down negatively impacts on the amount of information recorded, attention spans, and comprehension of class material. Despite rapid advances in technology, there has not been any significant progress in improving writing and typing speed.

What the research tells us

Writing researchers tell us that slow handwriting can lead to loss of motivation and evasion of school work (Hedderly, 1992). It can affect everything from completing written assignments to taking notes during lectures. For students with difficulties associated with writing (e.g. those who are dyslexic or have slow processing rates), the true assessment of their subject knowledge may be masked by their inability to express themselves adequately on paper in a set time (Bishop & Esgate 2001).

Various research studies conclude

  • Handwriting speed is a factor in student achievement, regardless of ability.
  • Students achieving higher-than-expected English language grades tended to write at a higher speed than those who underachieved.
  • At all ability levels students who achieved higher-than-expected English grades had a better handwriting style than those who underachieved. Handwriting quality and quantity are strongly associated with examination achievement.
  • Slow writers had problems with poor motor coordination, spelling, letter formation, word shapes and discrimination between upper and lower case.
  • There was a correlation between speed and Reading/Spelling age. It was found that an increase in speed of 3 to 4 wpm corresponded on average to an increase in Reading/Spelling age of 3-4 months.
Handwriting difficulties can therefore be handicapping and as such can undermine academic progress across the ability range and interfere with learning.

How can EasyScript help?

Using EasyScript which is based on abbreviations can improve handwriting legibility, style and motivation to write. Writing fewer characters for each word leaves more time to concentrate on legibility and handwriting style. In turn, more legible writing leads to less frustration when reading and more time to study. EasyScript can get you writing at 40 words per minute in just 2 hours.

  • English grammar based method with small set of rules.
  • No need to spend months learning traditional shorthand and speedwriting.
  • No extensive rote memorization required.
  • EasyScript is easy to learn and use.
  • 90% user satisfaction since 1990 and a top-selling book in US and abroad.
  • User-friendly rules you can tailor to your style and application.
  • ComputerScript software transcribes abbreviations into readable text.
  • EasyScript and ComputerScript use identical rules.
  • Recommended by Fortune 500 companies, schools and government agencies.

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Book Sample

"I didn't expect it to be so simple. I'm very comfortable with this concept and looking forward to implement it at work and my personal writing. When applied, it will cut writing time in half." - John Glassman, Detroit, MI

"It's a great course. Most definitely the easiest way to write with speed. It was easy to learn and I'm glad I found it. Information will be of great value to me professionally and personally. Computer aided transcription makes it even more valuable." - Jennifer DeFazio, Portland, ME

For more information about EasyScript and ComputerScript, please click here.

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