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Better Meeting Minutes with ComputerScript

ComputerScript SoftwareIt is estimated that up to 70% of small and medium size corporations in the United States are not in compliance with their State or Federal Requirements. They do not document their corporation meetings with minutes, have them recorded, signed, and installed in their corporation's record book. One of the main reasons is that their meeting minutes are incomplete and improperly recorded due to the lack of appropriate systems and tools to accurately record them.

Introducing EasyScript/ComputerScript which will help you write and type faster, easier, and more efficiently than any method you have ever used. This revolutionary way to learn speed writing and typing will enable you to take meeting minutes quickly and accurately. It doesn't take long to learn, just a few hours, and you will become much more effective in taking meeting minutes and more comfortable with a range of other working assignments.

Existing systems

Real-time captioning and speech-to-text systems provide accurate transcription of words as they are spoken into text. These systems are mainly used in courtrooms and for hearing impaired individuals to provide real time translation from speech to text and a written record that can be reviewed later. Currently, two major options are available to provide real-time captioning and speech-to-text processing:

Steno-based systems. They use a 24-key machine to encode phonetically spoken words and to enter them into a computer where they are converted into readable text and can be displayed on a computer screen or television monitor in real time. These systems are also called CART (computer-aided real-time transcription) because they are often transported from one location to another on wheels. Due to the high cost of equipment and steno typist training steno-based systems are mainly used in courtrooms when verbatim is required.

Computer-aided note taking systems (CAN). A standard keyboard is used to input words in an abbreviated form as they are being spoken and transcription software translates the abbreviations into readable format.

For non-verbatim applications such as meeting minutes, tape and message transcription, and order/message processing computer-aided note taking systems are more cost effective. The method of abbreviating words is a major factor in how efficiently you can process and enter verbal information in an abbreviated form.

Existing typing abbreviation systems (Instant Text, Productivity Plus, ShortCut Windows and Abbreviate) assign a unique code to each word. You need to memorize tens of thousands of abbreviations to type efficiently. If you don't remember the codes you will not able to retrieve a corresponding full word. In addition, these systems do not provide codes for all words and the user has to create additional abbreviations.

Work smarter with the ComputerScript system

In contrast, ComputerScript is based on English grammar and assigns all words to five basic categories. You only need to learn one rule per specific category. As a result, the learning curve is much less steep and memorization is drastically reduced so proficiency can be achieved in a short period of time.

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For more information about EasyScript and ComputerScript, please click here.

For single and low quantity EasyScript purchases please visit: Amazon.com. For volume orders, on-site training, ComputerScript software licensing and acquisition please email to
easy.script at easyscript.com

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