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Shorthand Writing and Training

Humans cannot record spoken information at the speed it is generated without a specialized and extensive training. Accurate recording and transcribing of verbal information between employees and communications received from customers will contribute to making more effective decisions and increased business productivity.

Legend Company provides EasyScript / ComputerScript on-site and public seminars (up to 300 people) to your group at a time and location that is convenient to you. In just a half-day, we can train your group to increase writing and typing speed which will produce an immediate efficiency gain in performing their daily tasks. Site licenses are available to conduct EasyScript / ComputerScript training by your staff. For a price quote, please contact us.

Imagine being able to write/type twice as fast as you do now. You'd keep up easily when taking notes in meetings or on the phone. Your hand would flow as fast as your ideas when writing/typing reports and letters. You wouldn't miss a word transcribing or taking dictation. Every secret ary can benefit from writing/typing faster. But who wants to spend months learning shorthand? Now you don't have to.

Introducing EasyScript , a simple, easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember, fast note taking and typing method. It's so unique and effective, it's patented (Patent #4,760,528). EasyScript is logical. It makes sense. In fact, all you need to remember are five basic rules. It's proven effective by people of almost all occupations from salespersons to managers and secretaries and students.

  • No need to spend months learning traditional shorthand and speedwriting.
  • No extensive rote memorization is required.
  • EasyScript method is easy to learn and use.
  • Increase writing and typing speed
  • 90% user satisfaction since 1990.
  • User-friendly rules to tailor to your style and application.
  • ComputerScript software transcribes abbreviations into readable text.
  • EasyScript Express is a top-selling book in US and abroad.
  • EasyScript and ComputerScript use identical rules.
  • On-site training is available.
  • Recommended by Fortune 500 companies, schools and government agencies.   

Our customer list includes: U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), Harvard University, Affinity Health Plan, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, John Hancock Insurance, Kessler Financial Services, Texaco Inc., U.S. Postal Service, Connecticut Mutual Life, The Fleet Bank, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brigham and Women's Hospital, The New England, MBNA, The Prudential Insurance, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Bell Atlantic, General Accounting Office (GAO), Harvard University, Affinity Health Plan, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, and others.

If you don't have a sufficient number of people to conduct on-site training for information on EasyScript/ ComputerScript do-it-yourself classroom training and self-study programs, please click here.

Book Sample

"EasyScript is learned quickly and can be used immediately. Evaluations by attendees are very positive and they are enthusiastic about putting their new knowledge to use." - Holly Beyar, Manager Support Services, Texaco Inc.

"We found EasyScript to be effective for our employees who have to take notes quickly and easily in meetings, gather information, and to tailor the method to their application at CML. We recommend this class to anyone needing these skills." - Diane McKim, Assistant Vice President, Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance

For more information about EasyScript and ComputerScript, please click here.

For single and low quantity EasyScript purchases please visit: Amazon.com. For volume orders, on-site training, ComputerScript software licensing and acquisition please email to
easy.script at easyscript.com

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