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EnglishScript Reading Skills

LanguageScript is a short form of the language that can improve reading, writing, typing and transcription skills. It is based on the English grammar and language structure utilizing its basic components such as prefixes and suffixes. The LanguageScript concept outline is shown at the end of this page.

EnglishScript a reading application of LanguageScript is an alternative to the whole language approach. It can increase your reading speed, spelling and comprehension skills by learning the parts and components of the English language. Click to order.

Shortened word texts are readable without learning because they were created by using the basic structure and components of the English language. EnglishScript enables you to read fewer characters and increase your reading speed. When you become more fluent in reading EnglishScript you can apply it for other LanguageScript applications. Click to view sample.

The rules are based on English grammar so it works on knowledge you already possess. Words are assigned to five categories such as simple, prefix, suffix, prefix/suffix and compound. As a result, five basic rules are needed to abbreviate any word of a full English vocabulary.

Learning five abbreviating strategies is significantly less than memorizing individual abbreviations for a full English vocabulary

LanguageScript rules can also be used to translate an abbreviation to a readable form. This reduces the transcription time as there is no requirement to reconstruct the word from randomly created abbreviations. In addition, the LanguageScript method allows you to customize abbreviations by selecting abbreviating symbols suitable to your own individual style.

EnglishScript can also help teaching ESL for users whom English is a second language. It can be another option to replace or supplement the Phonics method for learning the English language in parts and components.

We offer courses to learn our method in a traditional audio-based format that includes a book and CD tutorials. These courses proved to be successful to help our customers to improve their writing, typing and transcription efficiency. However, we suggest to start with reading of the abbreviated texts before studying traditional format courses. Click to order.

When you become comfortable with LanguageScript method you can use it for other applications:

EasyScript speedwriting to take fast notes at meetings, on the phone, in school or in any other situation where recording of spoken information is required.

ComputerScript software to type text with reduced number of strokes, provide expansion into readable form and increase your typing speed.

MiniScript shorthand is based on the EasyScript method to write using conventional symbols such as dot (.) comma (,) apostrophe (‘) and you need to memorize a total of 9 symbols to abbreviate any English word.

Also, LanguageScript can be applied to tweeting, text and instant messaging.

For single and low quantity EasyScript purchases please visit: Amazon.com. For volume orders, on-site training, ComputerScript software licensing and acquisition please email to
easy.script at easyscript.com

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