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EasyScript Speedwriting

The Concept Behind EasyScript Speedwriting

Imagine being able to write twice as fast as you do now. You'd keep up easily when taking notes in meetings, school or on the phone. Your hand would flow as fast as they talk and you wouldn't miss a word when taking dictation. Everyone can benefit from writing faster. But who wants to spend months learning traditional speedwriting and shorthand? Now you don't have to.

EasyScript is a simple speedwriting method that’s easy to learn and easy to remember. All you need to know basic English Grammar and remember five abbreviating rules. It's proven by people of almost all occupations from salespersons and managers to secretaries and students.

You also have the option to transcribe your abbreviations using ComputerScript software, which translates your typed abbreviations into readable text. EasyScript and ComputerScript use identical rules and can be used separately.

How it works

Words are divided into five categories. EasyScript/ComputerScript assign every word to one of these categories.


Word Categories Examples

SIMPLE word is a word without a prefix or suffix.


and, have, able, any, should, paragraph

PREFIX word has a participle before the root.


con as in contest, pro as in propose, and under as in understand

SUFFIX word has a participle after the root.


ance as in maintenance, able as in available, er as in manufacturer

PREFIX-SUFFIX word has participles bothbefore and after the root.


de and tion as in detention, un andable as in unavoidable

COMPOUND word is made up of two words joined together to form another word.


copyright, overdevelop, countermeasure

There are five rules to abbreviate these categories and the course has five lessons, one lesson for each rule.


Quick and easy to learn

Based on English Grammar with five simple rules and takes much less time than traditional methods. No random abbreviations or rote memorization required.

A skill for life

Skill retention is much greater since it's easier to remember a small set of fixed rules than a large volume of random abbreviations.

Type and write faster

Is much higher due to the use of small number of rules.

Transcribe with ease

Fixed rules reduce the transcription time since you don't use random codes and can also be applied in reverse order to decode abbreviations. ComputerScript software provides automatic transcription.

The only complete system

Unlike systems based on a principle of random abbreviations, any word can be abbreviated so all words of the English vocabulary are covered.

Easily integrated

It’s a user-friendly system that can be integrated with any existing method and personal style.

Book Sample

"I needed to be able to take dictation at 80 wpm, in a very short amount of time, to pass an exam to keep my job. Never having taken a shorthand course & not being able to find a place to learn shorthand, I came across this book. I was amazed at how easy it was - this book takes you step by step through the process of learning the rules of speedwriting, as well as giving you practice sessions to build up your speed. It's a skill that you can use for more than taking dictation - just for writing yourself quick notes. The book is simple to understand & gets right to the point - without it, I would have lost my job!" - Review from Amazon.com

"I'm thrilled with EasyScript. I found it very, very useful and proved I can grasp speedwriting. I had a job interview and the manager dictated a letter to me at 80 wpm. It's unbelievable I got most of the text right!!!" - Jennifer Cote, Washington, DC

For more information about EasyScript and ComputerScript, please click here.

For single and low quantity EasyScript purchases please visit: Amazon.com. For volume orders, on-site training, ComputerScript software licensing and acquisition please email to
easy.script at easyscript.com

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