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Speedwriting Overview

Various systems of speed writing based on alphabetic characters have been introduced over the last 50 years. Among common flaws of these speedwriting systems are limited vocabulary and abbreviations which aren't logical.

Why use EasyScript?

EasyScript separates words into five basic categories. It assigns character codes to a specific category. Since two or three words are assigned to one abbreviation there?s less to memorize. Abbreviation is faster and transcription time is reduced.

Limitations of other methods

Some examples of other speedwriting methods include ABC Stenoscript, Forkner, AlphaHand, Speedwriting by Pulis, Baine's Typed Shorthand, SuperWrite, HySpeed Longhand, Abbreviatrix, Handywrite, and Quickhand.

Some are alphabet-based and some use alphabetical letters with cursive handwriting shapes and semi-phonetic spelling. Sometimes vowels are omitted or shown by marks near the written consonants. Quickhand offers abbreviations for 35 most commonly used words and ABC Stenoscript and SuperWrite provide dictionaries of abbreviations for 4,000 and 5,000 words respectively. For other systems dictionaries of abbreviations are not available. Obviously, using only abbreviations of commonly used words significantly limits speed and efficiency and 5,000 abbreviations are still insufficient for business and personal applications.

In addition, a method based on memorizing random abbreviations demands a lot of time to learn and requires constant reinforcement to keep them in your memory=.

Below is a comparison with ABC Stenoscript to give you an idea of how EasyScript works and how easy it is to learn

Comparison between EasyScript and ABC Stenoscript

Simple Word Abbreviating Strategies

ABC Stenoscript:

k is assigned to 12 words, b to 15 words, d - 9 words, g - 8 words, pa - 7 words


k - 1 word, b - 1 word, d - 1, g - 1, pa - 2

Simple Word Abbreviations

ABC Stenoscript:

k – cans, card, client, cloth, clothing, come, comes, coming, comments, counter, count, court


cans – cn, card – cd, cloth – ch, come – ce, comes - cs, count – cn, court – cr

ABC Stenoscript strategy: Designates abbreviations on a random basis to multiple words. It is difficult to remember one abbreviation for so many words and it will take additional time during the transcription.

EasyScript strategy: Separates words into five categories: simple, prefix, suffix, prefix/suffix and compound. It assigns 1, 2 and 3 character codes to only one specific category (i.e. simple words). Only 2?3 words are assigned to one abbreviation so there is less to memorize.

Suffix Words

The following words: cli - ent, cloth - ing, com - ing, com - ment, and count – er are assigned by the EasyScript to the suffix category (suffixes are shown in bold).

ABC Stenoscript:

k – client, clothing, coming, comment, counter


cli – ent -> cl - n, cloth – ing -> clo - g, com - ing -> cg, com - ment -> com - m,
count - er -> cour

ABC Stenoscript:

achieved - acv, certified - sf, mentioned - mny, organized - og, participated - ptspa attendance - ats, advertisement - avtz, significance - sgnfk, establishment - stbz


achieved - achd, certified - cerd, mentioned - mend, organized - orgd, participated - pard, attendance - attc, advertisement - advm, significance - sigc, establishment - estm

ABC Stenoscript strategy – creates an abbreviation on a random basis from characters composing the word.

EasyScript strategy – creates a list of suffixes and their corresponding one-letter abbreviations and divides the suffix word into two syllables: the root and suffix (mention - edadvertise - ment). It creates the abbreviation by taking the first three characters out of the root and replacing the suffix with one letter (examples: mentioned - mend, advertisement - advm)Any number of suffix words can be abbreviated using this rule. The rule can be applied to translate an abbreviation to a readable form reducing transcription time.

Comparison Table


of Rules

Vocabulary Size



Full English Vocabulary

ABC Stenoscript




Not specified



Not specified


Speedwriting, Forkner, AlphaHand, Speedwriting by Pulis, Baine's Typed Shorthand, SuperWrite, HySpeed Longhand, Abbreviatrix, Handywrite

Not specified

Not provided

Book Sample

"I had a need to take fast notes at meetings and on the phone. I have been using Easy Script for several months now, after having received and read "EasyScript Express" book and applied the lessons and practice sessions therein. I started putting the concepts to good use immediately, and have found EasyScript to be a benefit to my work. EasyScript has become a real benefit to my job, as I'm sure you can see. My notes have become more accurate, I'm able to record more detail, and (most importantly) I'm able to write down more necessary information as opposed to doing it with my own abbreviations or in longhand. Thank you for a unique method of fast note taking. It's been a blessing!" Gayle Nastasi

"I think that this is a great concept. I have previously taken Gregg shorthand and found it to be more work than it was worth. It's great to use the letters from words to make abbreviations. I'll pass EasyScript along to my peers, friends and relatives. It can be useful to almost anyone in any area." – Review from Barnes & Noble

"The EasyScript course is very encouraging. I have used Gregg shorthand for 20+ years. I can combine EasyScript and the brief forms to use it in my note taking." – Jennifer Cote, Washington, DC

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